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Subject Wise Details

S. No.Subject Name Subject ContainCertificate
8 Basic Electricity Introduction, DC circuit-1, DC Circuit-2, AC Circuit-1, AC Circuit-2, Transformer. Certified in Basic Electricity
9 Basic Electronics Introduction, Semiconductor physics, Semiconductor Diode, BJT,FET,MOSFET, Feed back Amplifiers, Oscillators, Power Amplifiers Certified in Basic Electronics
10 IC Technology Introduction, Different types of IC, 555 timer IC, Voltage regulator Certified in IC Technology
11 Computer Hardware & Operating System Introduction, Motherboard, Supporting Chips, Memory, Logical memory, Display adapters, Graphic Accelerators, Introduction of operating system, Processor and Memory management, Input/output and File System, Processor System. Certified in Computer Hardware & Operating System
12 Computer Peripheral Devices Introduction, Input device (mouse, keyboard), Output device (Printer, monitor), Storage Devices (Hard disk, Floppy drive, CD drive), PC Power Supplies, Installation of Peripheral Devices. Certified in Computer Peripheral Devices
13 Computer Troubleshooting and Maintenance Introduction, PC Upgrading, PC Maintenance, PC Troubleshooting, Computer Assembling, Setting Up the Mother Board, Installing Video, sound, Floppy, CD Drive, Operating System Installation, BIOS, Partitioning and Formatting. Certified in Computer Troubleshooting and Maintenance
14 PC Upgrade & Repair Introduction, various stages of motherboard, finding motherboard related problems and solving them. How processor works, processor generation, identifying processor related problems & solving them. Introduction to chip sets & controllers, north bridge & south bridge. Troubleshooting chip set problems. Finding rams problems. Basics of hard disk drives finding drive problems. & related problems. Printers, finding printer problems. Finding Monitor problem, General problems in today’s PC. Identifying & solving them. Certified in PC Upgrade & Repair

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