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S. No.Subject Name Subject ContainCertificate
15 Computer Network Administrator (CNA) Introduction, Basics, Network Hardware, Network connection, Network operating system, TCP/IP Fundamentals , TCP/IP Utilities, Remote network access, Sub netting, Introduction to Routing and Packets forwarding , Static Routing, Introduction to dynamic routing, RIP V1,RIP V2, VLSM &CIDR, Routing Table, EIGRP,OSPF. Certified in Computer Network Administrator (CNA)
16 Microsoft System Engineer (MSE) Server 2008 as per Microsoft book(7 Microsoft Exam) Certified in Microsoft System Engineer (MSE)
17 Red hat (Linux) System Engineer (RSE) Linux Installation, Basic commands, VI Editor, mounting file system, run level, Partition creation(different types), Software installation using RPM, Archiving, Permission Bits, Yum server, User-Group Administration, Job scheduler, Access control list (ACL), user quota, RAID Technology, Logical volume manager(LVM). Certified in Red hat (Linux) System Engineer (RSE)
18 Wireless Networking (WN) Basics of wireless networks, wireless topologies, study of access points, wireless protocols, security of wan. Certified in Wireless Networking (WN)
19 Electrical & Electronics Hardware Introduction, DC circuit-1, DC Circuit-2, AC Circuit-1, AC Circuit-2, Transformer, Semiconductor physics, Semiconductor Diode, BJT,FET,MOSFET, Number System, Logic Gate Combinational Circuit, Different types of IC, Voltage regulator Certified in Electrical & Electronics Hardware Engineering
20 HTML Introduction,HTML headings, HTML Comment, HTML Paragraphs, HTML Line Breaks & Rules,Font tags,Font styles, Hyperlinks, The Image Tag and the Src Attribute,LIST Tags, Tables, Headings in a Table,Empty Cells in a Table,Declaring width & height, Cellspacing, Cellpadding, Bgcolor, Colspan, Nesting, Forms, Text Fields, Radio Buttons,Checkboxes,Drop down menu, Complete webpage Certified HTML Expert
21 CSS Introduction to CSS, Understanding & using CSS, CSS Syntax, CSS classes, CSS IDs, CSS Divisions, CSS Spans, CSS Margins, CSS Padding, CSS Text Properties, Text Properties: Letter spacing, Text Properties: Text align, Text Properties: Text Decoration, Text Properties: Text Indent, Text Properties: Word Spacing, Lets learn how to give word spacing using CSS more>>, Font Properties, Font Size, Font Style, Font Weight, CSS links, CSS Backgrounds, CSS Border, Lists, Width and Height Properties, Line Height, Max Height, Min Height, Width, CSS Classification, CSS Classification: Clear Certified CSS Expert

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