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S. No.Subject Name Subject ContainCertificate
22 JavaScript What is JavaScript?, Testing your Visitor's Browser, Setting up Variables in JavaScript, Javascript Conditional Statements, JavaScript Loops, Arrays!, Javascript Events and Functions, JavaScript Form Validation Certified in JavaScript
23 jQuery Introduction to jQuery, Understanding the importance of jQuery, Download installing and using jQuery, jQuery basic concepts, jQuery advanced concepts, Using jQuery to get content asynchronously, Using jQuery to submit form, Using jQuery with PHP, jQuery to add animations in web application, Introduction to jQuery plugins, List of most used jQuery plugins, Examples of jQuery form plugin, How to create real-life application using jQuery Certified in jQuery
24 Ajax Ajax Introduction, Cross-Browser XMLHttpRequest Object, XMLHttpRequest Properties, XMLHttpRequest Methods, Communicating with the Server, Processing Text Responses, Processing XML Responses, Attributes Named id and of Type ID, Defining a Callback Handler Function, Handling Multiple XMLHttpRequest Objects, Certified in Ajax
25 MooTools Introduction to MooTools, Understanding the importance of MooTools, Download installing and using MooTools, MooTools basic concepts, MooTools advanced concepts, Using MooTools to submit form, Using MooTools with PHP, MooTools to add animations in web application, Introduction to MooTools plugins, List of most used MooTools plugins, Examples of MooTools form plugin, How to create real-life application using MooTools, Certified in MooTools
26 PHP Install PHP 5 Apache MySQL on Windows using WampServer, PHP Introduction, Data types, Variables and Constants, Strings, Regular Expressions, Operators, Conditional statements, Looping statements, Functions, Arrays, PHP Forms, Files, PHP Cookies, PHP Sessions, Introduction to OOP, Visibility, Scope Resolution Operator, Static Keywords, Inheritance, Smarty Installation, Introduction to smarty and smarty loops, Smarty Variables Modifiers, Caching in Smarty Certified in PHP
27 MySQL Database, Retrieving and Sorting, Restricting Data, MySQL Functions, Displaying Data from Multiple Table (Joining), Aggregate Functions and Aggregation Using GROUP BY Clause (Grouping), Subquery, Manipulating table, Creating and Managing Table, Indexing & Engine Certified in MySQL
28 Wordpress A brief history of WordPress, WordPress as a blogging tool, WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS), WordPress as a Social Network (e.g. BuddyPress), WordPress & Ecommerce, Other uses for WordPress, New features of WordPress 3.0, Configuring your WordPress website, The WordPress dashboard, Updating Your WordPress profile (includes changing your password), User accounts & managing WordPress users, Permission levels and logins, Configuring your general, discussion, permalink, privacy, reading, writing and miscellaneous settings, Using the WordPress content management system (CMS), Blogging with WordPress, Creating Content: Posts & Pages, Writing and managing WordPress posts, Writing and managing WordPress pages, Setting up and managing WordPress comments, Creating and managing WordPress links, Creating and managing WordPress tags & tag clouds, WordPress categories and how to use them, Managing files, Managing the WordPress media library, The wonderful world of WordPress plugins, How WordPress plugins work, and how to evaluate new plugins, Free and paid for WordPress themes - where to find the best, Installing and activating WordPress themes, Working with WordPress widgets, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): how to ensure your WordPress website is search engine friendly, Refining your content to be search engine friendly, Using Google analytics to track your users and traffic, Adding Facebook and Twitter links and buttons, Certified in Wordpress

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