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36 VirtueMart VirtueMart Home, VirtueMart description and download, VirtueMart Installation, VirtueMart Configuration, Creating Categry In VirtueMart, Adding New Products To VirtueMart, Displaying VirtueMart In The Frontend, Updating VirtueMart, Coupons In VirtueMart, Product Discount in VirtueMart, VirtueMart Module, VirtueMart Featured Product Module, Hide/Display Featured Products in VirtueMart, VirtueMart Search Module and Plugin, VirtueMart Product Category Module, VirtueMart Product Scroller Module, VirtueMart Cart Module, VirtueMart Latest Product Module, VirtueMart Top Ten Module, Connecting VirtueMart to PayPal (Sandbox), Connecting VirtueMart To PayPal Certified in VirtueMart
37 CodeIgniter CodeIgniter URLs, Controllers, Reserved Names, Views, Models, Helpers, Plugins, Using CodeIgniter Libraries, Creating Your Own Libraries, Creating Core Classes, Hooks - Extending the Core, Auto-loading Resources, Common Functions, Scaffolding, URI Routing, Error Handling, Caching, Profiling Your Application, Managing Applications, Alternative PHP Syntax, Config Class, Database Class, Email Class, Encryption Class, File Uploading Class, Form Validation Class, FTP Class, HTML Table Class, Image Manipulation Class, Input and Security Class, Loader Class, Language Class, Output Class, Pagination Class, Session Class, Unit Testing Class, URI Class, Array Helper, Compatibility Helper, Cookie Helper, Date Helper, Directory Helper, Download Helper, Email Helper, File Helper, Form Helper, HTML Helper, Language Helper, Number Helper, Path Helper, Security Helper, String Helper, Text Helper, URL Helper Certified in CodeIgniter
38 CakePHP Introduction to CakePHP, Understanding the MVC Pattern, Models, Controllers, View, How it works?, Configuration cakePHP, Setting up cakephp with apache environment eg: enable mod_rewrite, configuring Cake to work with database, running cake for the first time, Cake Convention, Naming convention for models, controllers, views and database tables, Models, Creating up model for a database table, retrieving data, saving and updating data, deleting data, user defined functions in models, data validation, Controllers, Creating controllers, controller function, interacting with model, interacting with views, controller variables & parameters, redirection, getting post data, Views, Working and configuring layouts, creating custom layouts, elements and helpers, Cake Session, Storing data in cake session, reading a session data, delete data from session, Helpers, JavaScript, Ajax, Caching, Working with cache, activating cache, enable cache within controller, marking content that is not to be cached, clearing cache Certified in CakePHP
39 Smarty Smarty Overview, Installing and configuring Smarty Pear Module, Setting up a Template, Passing Data to the Template, Smarty for Template Designers, Smarty for Programmers, Smarty in N-Tier, Architecture, Smarty Plugins, Software Using Smarty - CMS, Smarty Implementation, Smarty Examples Certified in Smarty
40 Adobe Photoshop What Photoshop can do?, : The Bridge , Setting up 'Shop, Navigation and Resolution, : Rotate and Crop, Basic Color Correction, Red Eye Removal and Recolor, Painting with the Edit Tools , : Clone, Heal, and Patch, Using the Selection Tools , Selecting with Color Range, Making the Most of History , Introducing Layers , Groups and Comps, Opacity and Blend Modes , Advanced Blending , Layer Styles , Masks and Channels , Transform and Warp , Creating and Editing Type , Special Type Effects , : Vector-based Shapes, Printing and Output , Actions, Certified in Adobe Photoshop
41 A+ Personal Computer Components, Operating System Fundamentals, PC Technician Professional Best Practices, Installing and Configuring Peripheral Components, Installing and Configuring System Components, Maintaining and Troubleshooting Peripheral Components, Troubleshooting System Components, Installing and Configuring Operating Systems, Maintaining and Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows, Network Technologies, Installing and Managing Network Connections, Supporting Laptops and Portable Computing Devices, Supporting Printers and Scanners, Personal Computer Security Concepts, Supporting Personal Computer Security, Certified in A+
42 N+ Network Theory, Network Communications Methods, Network Data Delivery, Network Media and Hardware, Network Implementations, Networking with TCP/IP, TCP/IP Services, Other Network Protocols, Local Area Network (LAN) Infrastructure, Wide Area Network (WAN) Infrastructure, Network Security, Remote Networking, Disaster Recovery, Network Data Storage, Network Operating Systems, Network Troubleshooting Certified in N+

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