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Subject Wise Details

S. No.Subject Name Subject ContainCertificate
43 CCNA As Per CCNA Book Certified in CCNA
44 Data Structure Introduction, Programming Strategies, Data Structures, Searching, Complexity, Queues, Sorting, Searching Revisited, Dynamic Algorithms, Graphs, Huffman Encoding, FFT, Hard or Intractable Problems Games Certified in Data Structure
45 Visual Basic Introduction, VB Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Events, Objects. Linking objects, More Objects, Improving the Interface, Menu editor, Variables, Procedures, Program Structure, Graphics, Polishing and Finishing, Installing Applications, Links to Office, Professional Tricks, Certified in Visual Basic
46 Java Review of Java Fundamentals, Packaging and Distributing a Java Application, Miscellaneous Enhancements, Assertions, Regular Expressions, The Java Collection Classes, Generics, Advanced I/O, Enhanced I/O, Logging API, Networking, Threads and Concurrency, Remote Method Invocation (RMI), : Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Certified in Java
47 RDBMS & Advanced SQL Introduction, Writing Basic SQL SELECT Statements, Restricting and Sorting Data, Single-Row Functions, Displaying Data from Multiple Tables, Aggregating Data Using Group Functions, Sub queries, Producing Readable Output with iSQL*Plus, Manipulating Data, Creating and Managing Tables, Creating Views, Other Database Objects, Controlling User Access, Using SET Operators Certified in RDBMS & Advanced SQL
48 Microsoft Office As Per Microsoft Office Book Certified in Microsoft Office
49 Corel Draw As per book Certified in Corel Draw

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