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Training Methodology

At N.I.C.K., we believe that practical training is a key investment for our students. N.I.C.K-ians undergo rigorous training, with programs ranging from two months to one year, depending upon the course chosen by the students. We also train fresh talents from Colleges & Universities in the field of IT in order to impart necessary skill sets, so as to compete successfully in the dynamic job market.

Our training philosophy encompasses various facets of training activities like:

Innovative Curriculum Development Interactive Learning Process Practical Training Assignments Industrial Visit Simulations/Group Activities Case Studies Group Discussions Movies / Audio /Video Clips Extempore/ Speeches Individual Presentation Creative Activities Project Handling

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A2Z Computex Unique Training Methodology Includes

1 Industrial Visit

Regular Visits To Companies to enhance Practical knowledge

2 English speaking

Individual attention to each student to develop English language skills (both reading and writing)

3 Personality development

It makes communication and interpersonal skills strong and effective personality development courses also help in resume building and interview preparation

4 yoga

Simple asanas are performed every day before lectures to help reduce stress and maximize retention

5 60% practical's

Increase hardware familiarity

6 smart rain

Increase result through a unique teaching methodology

7 CBT (Computer Based training)

Watch and understand step by step procedure on the computer topics are taught in English and Hindi with written instructions

8 Comprehensive Quiz

After Completion of Each Topic a related quiz is conducted the student grasp then topic easily and it helps them realize there competency

Smart rain

Some of the training techniques used to sharpen the students focus Ebinghaus curve of forgetting: The training methodology adopted by A2Z Computex is best on the research carried out by eminent scientist and researchers. In 1980 researcher carried out by Hermann ebinghaus showed that if people are exposed to an idea one time in 30 days they retain less than 10 % of the contain. Albert Mehrabian in 1980 carried out a research in which he found that if people where exposed to an idea times with interval reinforcement at the end of 30 days they retained more 90% of the contain. At A2Z Computex we present the theory/concept and then review it at regular interval which range from 10 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, 3 day, 1 week to 3 week. The interval reinforcement is carried out in variety of ways quiz session presentation by students brain storming this ensure that the student retain the concept even after 1 month the session.

Training techniques applied at A2Z Computex

Practical's Projects
Presentations Interviews
Lecturers News Articles
Brainstorming Quiz
Whiteboards Question and Answers
Charts Reports
Video splitters Review
Debates Role-Playing
Demonstrations Story-Telling
Field Trips Simulations

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